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Who We Are

Ridgecrest Wealth Partners is a registered investment advisor with the SEC and an independent financial planning and wealth management firm rooted in the sincere relationships we have built and the personalized services we offer every client, every day.

Our Firm

Our independence allows us to work directly for you and not as a representative of a large corporation.

This provides us with the flexibility to develop solutions that are always focused on your best interest. We view ourselves as your partner in managing your wealth. Together we are forward thinking, ready for what tomorrow will bring.

Our Team

We are in this with you.

“We aspire to do precisely what we have done for the past three decades - always putting our clients’ interests first through customized portfolio management and exceptional service. We aspire to continue to be who we are.“ — Steve Romjue

Steven K. Romjue

Founding Partner

Chris Coble

Partner / Financial Advisor / Portfolio Manager

Daisy Romjue

Chief Administrative Officer

Stacy Sizemore

Chief Compliance Officer
Our Partners

Two key partnerships allow Ridgecrest Wealth Partners to be the strong, secure, independent firm on which you can rely.

With these partners we can remain rooted in relationships and focused on clients first.


We’ve chosen Charles Schwab as our institutional custodian. Founded in 1971, Charles Scwhab is now the largest custodian for RIAs. Schwab offers trading, technology, and financial services we use every day to help us manage our business.

Technology & Compliance

To ensure regulatory compliance and a customized, seamless experience for our clients, we’ve chosen to work with tru Independence as our technology and compliance partner. They offer access to tools for financial planning, research, and communication and their experts oversee all aspects of our compliance. By leveraging their services for our day-to-day needs, we can focus on you as our first priority.